Soccer Rules

Regular soccer rules apply.


No slide tackling 


The ‘Girl Rule’ 

1. If a female has possession of the ball on her half of the field (the half that her team is defending) a male player for the opposing team is not allowed to guard or dispossess her. Only a female from the opposing team is allowed to dispossess or guard another female in her defensive half of the field. Not until the female crosses midfield and is in her attacking half of the field is a male allowed to dispossess or guard her. 

A. If there is a 50/50 ball in a females defensive half of the field, a male is allowed to make a play for the ball and the ball only. If the female wins the 50/50 ball the male player will then have to step away and the ‘girl rule’ from above is applied. 

2. A female at any time can take a shot. For a male to take a shot a female must touch the ball in her team’s attacking half (the half that her team is trying to score on), once she has made a touch the ball is ‘live’ (live – allowing any member of the team to shoot)

A. If the ball goes out of bounds for a throw in or a corner kick in the teams attacking half and the ball is not ‘live’ yet, a female may take the throw or the kick therefore making the ball ‘live’.

B. The ‘live’ ball process starts over if the ball is played back into the team’s defensive half only. 

i. If the ball has been made live and goes out for a throw in, corner kick, or goal kick the ball is still live.

ii. If the attacking team looses possession in their attacking half and then regain possession of the ball, the ball is still ‘live’ as long as it did not cross the midfield line. 

3. No Offsides


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