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Alyssa Rodger

Real Estate


Sports:  Kickball, Volleyball, Bowling

Why I play LXC:

I play because of the sportsmanship, camaraderie, and community of the leagues. As a former college athlete, LXC gives me the opportunity to stay active, have fun, and socialize with both old and new friends. LXC league nights are often the highlights of my week!








Kentucky Bred Insurance


Player/Owner:  Matt Carrol

Sports:  Kickball

Why I play LXC:  

I play LXC because it is an absolute blast! Lxc has proven to be a wonderful networking experience. The games are well organized and refs are good. I have made lifelong friends and look forward to many more seasons.  




Door To Door



Player/Owner:  Brett Miller

Sport:  Kickball

Why I play LXC:

I play LXC To spend more time with friends and I love competing. I look forward to kickball every week! 







Dalton Plumbing


Player/Owner:  Trenton Dalton

Sport:  Flag Football, Kickball

Why I play LXC:

I play LXC to stay active, keep the body moving, while meeting some great individuals in the process.






Bust A Move

Moving Service


Owner/Player:  Mike Carr

Sports:  Basketball, Flag Football

Why I play LXC:

I play LXC because it helps me stay active. With everything going on in the world, I am grateful i'm still able to play the sports I love!








502 Siblings

Laser Engraving

Instagram:  @502Siblings


Player/Owner:  Desiree Chastain/Antonio Zeppa

Sport:  Kickball, Bowling

Why I play LXC:

I really enjoy LXC because it brings so many people together on a weekly basis to be active and stay healthy. But it’s also a great social environment where you can relax and have some fun. Most of my closest friends I have are from playing LXC the last 10 years.


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