Team Payment Policy


Team Payment Policy

How Team Payment Works

Team Pay:  Captain registers with deposit and assigns player balances.

For most leagues, LXC requires that Captains pay a down payment.   The card used for this down payment will not be charged again by the league unless there is a remaining balance 3 days prior to your first game.  



Confirmed Team Payment Timeline

Once your team deposit has been secured, you have from that point until end of day of your week #1 game to complete your team payment or reach the minimum paid roster number (player pay only).  The most common ways to pay off your team balance are:

  •  Send TeamPayer requests to your other teammates and have them each pay what you determine their portion of the team fee. As each player pays, your team balance will be reduced.
  • Collect money manually from your team and then pay the balance off through your captains lounge, online at any time before week #1
  •  Mail a check to our office. 

If a balance still exists after the end of day of your week #1 game the captain’s card on file will be automatically charged for the remainder of the team balance. If this card declines, late fees may apply and a team could be made to forfeit or even may be removed from the full season schedule


Specific Payment Guidelines

LXC DOES NOT ACCEPT CHECKS OR CASH for league fees at the games. In special circumstances,  company checks can be mailed to the office.

Sending a “TeamPayer REQUEST” to someone is never the same as paying your team fee. If your players  do not pay off the requests you have sent them, then you are still responsible for that portion of the team fee at the end of the week #1 game.

LXC will NEVER track down your teammates to pay off your team balance.  You choose them as teammates…  choose wisely.

Teams canceling after week #1 of the season will lose the $50 deposit plus the pro-rated fee of week #1 games.  Teams canceling after week #3 of a season will not receive any refund.


Late Payments

If any league payment has not been finalized by week 2 (including cards that have expired or failed to process for any reason), a late fee of $25 will be added to the total League Fee amount. League fees should still be paid ONLINE, even if late, from the Player Page.


Really Late Payments = Forfeit or NO PLAY Status

If league payment has not been finalized before your week 3 game, you and your team will be placed in Forefeit status.  You may play week 3 but game will be entered as forfeit.  If league payment has not been finalized before your week 4 game you will be place in NO PLAY STATUS and will not be allowed on the field to play - plain and simple - no exceptions. Please do not let this happen as it will hurt your team, and possibly other teams if we are not able to find a game for them on short notice. League fees should still be paid ONLINE, even if late, from the Player Page.

Captains should also be familiar with the following portions of LXC Payment Policy regarding League Fee payments:


Late Adds

If you have been added to a league after it has already started, you still have 1 full week (1 game) from after your start to pay the League Fee. So if your team was added to a league in time for Week 2, you’ll now have until the end of Week 3 (Game 3) to pay online. In nearly all instances, a team starting the season late will pay a pro-rated League Fee - however, Late Add fees are handled on a case by case basis. Please contact the LXC office if you have been added late and are unsure of your League Fee.


Cancellations Before The Season

If a team that has confirmed their spot in a league then cancels within 10 calendar days of the start of a season, the Captain will lose their $50 deposit. If a team fails to attend the first game of the season without giving prior notice to an LXC representative, LXC reserves the right to replace that team and charge the non-refundable cancellation fee. Simply not showing up is not a valid means of notification.



Cancellations During The Season

We understand that sometimes a team cannot complete a season because of circumstances beyond their control (injuries, accidents, illnesses, or worse). Conversely, sometimes (unfortunately) our league experience just doesn't agree with a team. Any team that plays week 1 and cancels by the end of the first business day following the week 1 game will be charged the team deposit of $50 plus a pro-rated fee for week #1 games. * Teams canceling after the first business day following their week 1 game will pay a pro-rated League Fee based on the number of games in the season. A team must cancel before week 3 in order to not be charged the full League Fee.

* Teams that play a double-header in their first may have a different prorated fee. Playoff weeks do NOT factor into pro-rated fees since it is never a guarantee that a team makes the playoffs.


Note that any online payments made on this website are also governed by the League Lab Participant Payment Terms.

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