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“Face time” has taken on a new meaning these days. We create fun online experiences that connect friends, coworkers, donors, and more.

Virtual events are a great opportunity to get people together when you can't physically be together. Allow our team of event professionals to help. Fundraisers, company events, birthday parties, custom events... You name it, we can do it for you!



We do all the work, you just have fun!



Our hosts specialize in handling all the technical needs, running the event, engaging the audience, and making people laugh in the process!






Rock n’ Roll Bingo

B-9, O-22, you know the game, now experience it virtually!  We offer both traditional Bingo OR Rock 'n Roll Bingo (matching song bytes to their titles listed on the board). Each game will include a host, master game board, trivia balls (trivia questions interspersed throughout the game) and great music to get your guests in the mood for a night of fun!  Guests will be mailed the appropriate bingo cards prior to the event. On the night of the event, participants will log on to our private online room and our host will officiate the game. Guests can expect four rounds of Bingo fun!   


Mixology Parties

Just because you can’t be together doesn’t mean you can’t drink together. Hire our professional mixologist to lead your virtual event and learn how to make an array of drinks along the way. Our upgraded mixology package includes all the needed items sent to attendees. Perfect for a holiday party!


Team Trivia

Team Trivia is an entertaining and challenging game that will get your guests interacting from start to finish. Each game will include a host, pre-assigned teams, virtual break out rooms, multimedia questions (sound clips, videos and pictures) and an online form to submit answers. We update scoring in real-time and display the standings in between rounds.  The break out rooms are a great time for teams to laugh, share their knowledge and brainstorm for the win!  You will have the option to select from four topics of interest or we can customize the topic to your specific needs.  We recommend 3-6 teams to get the most fun from this event!


Social Tournaments

Those college years will really pay off when you join us for our virtual  social tournaments.  We are talking, about  flip cup, beer pong, beer die, and much more.  Each game will include a host, music and virtual versions of all of these games.  Expect to have fun and show off your skills with any combination of these games. We can tailor the tournament format to your group size and needs.



Chef Parties

Heat up your oven, grab your friends and family and learn to prepare a new meal! Let our virtual chef lead your event and teach you all the secret kitchen hacks to making a successful meal! Once you’ve learned how to create your kitchen masterpiece and hang out and enjoy your dinner and drinks on your own private Zoom. This event is perfect for your holiday office party, family gathering or friends celebration! Our upgraded package will provide your guests with all items needed for your meal ahead of your event. This event pairs perfectly with our mixology event!


Virtual Field Day

Go Team Red!  Go Team Blue! Virtual Field Day is like kiddie recess caffeinated! It features "Minute-to-win-it" style games with elimination rounds until the final team is crowned champion.  Each game will include a host, pre-shipped package of supplies (cups for stacking, straws, ping pong balls, etc), and breakout rooms for the competition.  Teams compete to earn points in each event category with the top two teams squaring off in the Final Round in front of everyone.  If you want to build a team envent remotely, this is the game for you!


Bunker Battleship

"You sank my battleship!"  This is our virtual version of the famous "board" game Battleship. Each game will include a host, breakout rooms and a virtual Battle Board!  Breakout rooms allow teams to set up their ships at the start, strategize their moves during the game, and of course to interact and have some fun. Just like the traditional game, teams alternate picking spaces on the other team's board to try to sink their ships. We add in "life rafts" to rescue a teammate who has lost all of their ships. We recommend this game for smaller groups of no more than 12 players.


Employee Wellness Challenge

They say those who play together, stay together!  So what better way to bond your team, than to create a 4-week wellness challenge.  Participants will receive daily exercises and inspirations, as well as weekly challenges in different categories (food, fitness, teamwork). A dedicated Facebook page will be created to track, encourage and display wellness goals and activities.  We communicate everything via email and create a Google doc to track everyone's points throughout the challenge. Everybody wins just by participating!  Optional extras can include organized exercise classes or live check-ins from a personal trainer. We want to help you meet your wellness goals! 




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