How do I know if my game is rained out 

If your game is rained out your team captain will be texted and all rostered players will receive an email.  We will not rain out due to a forecast and will try to play if at all possible.  If you have not been notified your game is still planned on being played.


When will I find out what team I am on?

At least 3 days prior to the league starting.  When signing up as an individual you are not guaranteed a spot on a team.  One of 2 things need to happen for you to start playing.  Either a team will request extra players or enough individuals need to sign up in order to make a full team. 


How do I find the schedule?

Log into your LXC account to see all your schedules.


When will the schedule be posted?

At least 3 days prior to the league beginning.   You will be notified via email when the schedule is up online.


When do we get our shirts?

Shirts will be given out on week 1 of the league.  Only players on the online roster at least 3 days prior to the league will receive shirt at the field.  Other shirts must be picked up at the LXC office.


I can't Log In what should I do?

Make sure you are using the correct username or the same email address you set up the account with.   If you reset your password the email will be sent to the same address you set up the account with.  Use that email address and the password that was given,  the next screen that comes up will ask you to choose a new password.  Choose one and proceed.


Do I have to pay the full team amount when signing up.

No.  Only a $45 deposit is required upon sign up.  You can then invite your team members via the online team manager and assign them a portion of the team balance to pay.  Once each person pays the payment will be deducted from the balance.  Any balance left after the first game will be charged to the card you signed up with.








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