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As always, league registration is  ‘first come first served. We do offer team registration and free agent or small group registration  Individuals are not guaranteed to be placed on a team. Logistically we are sometimes unable to place everyone on a team, but we will do our very best. If we can't get you on a team we will notify you no later than 24 hours before the league starts as well as issue you a full refund within 14 business days. Due to the large number of males that sign up, free agent females and small groups with females in them have a better chance of getting placed on a team.


Week one schedule will be out at least 3 days prior to the league beginning.  After week one's games the full schedule will be released.  After weel 2's games no schedule requests will be taken.   Schedules are subject to change due to weather, field availability or other unforseen issues.


The idea of LXC is to have fun. We hope that all participants keep that in mind when
becoming involved. Although the games may become intense, you still can be
competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. With this said, any behavior deemed
unacceptable by staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league.
Abuse of staff will not be tolerated. LXC reserves the right to remove a player from a
game or a league if they are considered to be bringing down the quality of the league.
LXC will not tolerate fighting! Fighting will be an automatic ejection from any game
and in most cases ejection from the league for the remainder of the season. If you feel
that someone on your team or on another team is not practicing good sportsmanship,
please let us know.


It is the responsibility of the team captain to get all players on the online roster. Permanent roster changes may not be made after the 3rd game of the regular season. Rosters are REQUIRED due to insurance purposes and must include names,
email addresses, phone numbers and shirt sizes (if applicable). If a roster is not submitted
your team may not be allowed to participate in the event, or will have to forfeit games
until a roster is submitted. The email addresses and phone numbers are used solely as a
way to communicate specifics of the event. The phone numbers are usually only used
when there is a last minute cancellation and your team will receive better communication
from us in situations like that if we have phone numbers and email addresses.

We will alert you of a rain out as soon as we know the field will not be playable or weather conditions will make it unsafe.  We will send a text alert to all players who have opted in to that feature.  All other players will be emailed.   We will make every attempt to reschedule the cancelled games and notify you within 7 business days with the updated schedule. In very rare and extreme instances, we may not be able reschedule all missed games. In the event that a league does not finish due to weather a credit for games missed will be given to each team for a future league. No cash refunds for weather realted league cancelations. 


Keeping team up to date
Only team captains may dispute a call with the umpire.
Reporting Forfeits – see “Forfeits” below


It is the team captain’s responsibility to notify the LXC office 24 hours before the start
of the game if their team must forfeit. LXC staff will immediately notify the opposing
team captain. LXC staff will also make a reasonable effort to find another team to play

in place of the forfeited team. If a team is found, the game will played only as a
recreational game and it will not count towards the non-forfeiting team’s record. The
non-forfeiting team will receive a win.
If your team forfeits a game during the season, the following rules apply:
First Offense: Loss of game and warning issued.
Second Offense: Loss of game and staff reserves the right to remove team from playoffs.
Third Offense: Loss of game, removal from the playoffs and additional penalties may
result including expulsion from the league.
**Notified forfeits are always looked upon more favorably than unnotified ones and no
shows. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Sports Director.



Only players who have been placed on the roster are eligible to play; however, subs are
allowed free of charge for single games during the regular season only (this is not
allowed during tournament play or during the playoffs). In this case, LXC must be
notified 24 hours before the start of the game who the player is that is subbing in and who
they are replacing. A formal protest may be filed to the referee before a game if an
opposing player’s eligibility is in question. Any protest made during a game or after a
game will not be considered a formal protest. The player in question will be required to
show his ID to the official. If no ID is available, the player must write down his full
name, email, phone number and signature. The game will then be played in its entirety as
scheduled. Teams will be notified of all rulings on the identified eligibility discrepancy
before the next week’s games — decisions will not be made on site. If the protest is proven
to be legitimate, it will result in the forfeiture of the game in question. All rulings by
LXC staff are considered final. Teams may pick up players from other teams in the same league (maximum 2 players) only during the regular season and only if they do not have enough to field a full team. In other words, teams may not pick up players if they already have enough to field a team or if it is during the playoffs. Players not on your team roster may not play in the playoffs. If
players are picked up to play and the rest of the team arrives later, then the players that
were picked up may not play in the remainder of the game. A formal protest may be filed
with the referee if you believe a team has violated this policy BEFORE the end of the
game. Any protests after the game will not be eligible.




LXC has the right to decline submissions of team names for any reason. All names shall
be subject to approval by LXC Staff. Team names should not be of a racist, sexual, or
otherwise offensive nature. If you think your team name may be offensive, please
contact us to verify acceptance. If you find another team name offensive, please let us
know by calling the office or emailing us.



Our best effort is made to post scores and game results within 48 hours after the completion of games. If there are any discrepancies between the results posted and the actual game results, please contact us at Brett@lxcsports.com

Alcohol Policy
Drinking alcohol before or during the game is strictly prohibited. If the umpire or director
believes a player has consumed alcohol they reserve the right to remove them from the
game. Drinking alcohol at LXC Sporting events is PROHIBITED. If any team is caught
drinking alcohol during their game on park property, the referee has the right to forfeit
the game to the other team. The same rule applies to spectators. If a spectator is caught
with alcohol, they will be asked to leave. If they refuse, the referee or umpire has the
right to forfeit the game to the opposing team.

Fighting Policy
Fighting is not allowed at any LXC event and/or league and will not be tolerated. This constitutes any violent or malicious action or attempted action by one or more participants including retaliatory acts. Persons/teams involved are subject to immediate removal from the league and possible further action by LXC Staff. Refunds will not be granted to players expelled from the league.



Once a league has started, no refunds for sports leagues registrations will be given for any reason. If a league has started: if you are injured or the league is postponed for any reason (example seasonal weather) you will be given a prorated credit to a future league.  Please email havefun@LXCsports.com with your refund request. If you are asked to leave a league due to unsportsmanlike behavior no refund of any kind will be given. 
Refunds are issued within 14 business days from the request date and will be issued back
to your credit card. If you paid by cash or check, a LXC check will be mailed to you
within 14 business days. There are no refunds for vacations, or parties.


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