Volleyball Rules


LXC Volleyball Rules (C/C-)
1.legal play (body parts)- Whole body
1. # of players to start game- 3
2. Centerline Violations- only if it interferes with other team
3. points in a game- 2 rally score games to 25 (cap at 27 win by 2) 1 rally score game to
15 (cap at 17 win by 2)

King Louie's scoring- 2 rally games to 21 (cap 23 win by 2) 1 rally score game to 15 (cap at 17 win by 2)
4. Let serve (ball hits net and goes over)- legal
5. If the ball hits the line it is in
1. Feet must be behind the line
2. No attacking the serve- the front row can not leave their feet to block serve
1. Multiple contacts passing 1st ball- Yes
2. Multiple contacts digging first ball- Yes
3. In sand volleyball, if hard driven ball happens (hit), momentary legal lifts are legal
(indoor hard court they are not)
4. No 2 handed hits
1. During the 1st contact of the ball over the net, players are allowed to pass the ball
with any body part in any fashion that is not a lift.
The second (usually the set) and third contacts (usually the attack over the net) should
be relatively clean and free of double contacts. This means that the players' hands
contact the ball simultaneously. There is no required action by your hands and SPIN IS
usually a good indicator.
Attacking/ Spiking-
1. Players leaving the ground inside the 10ft line- front row only
2. Open hand tips/dinks legal- Yes
3. Touching/hitting the net is not allowed
1. Block count as first contact- No
2. Contacts after block - 3
1. All players must rotate every serve, max rotation spots 3 front 3 back
1. Number of Men/female- 1 female minimum/ 4 male max
2. Women must play 3rd ball if 2 or more men touch ball before going over net.
1. Posts will act as the antenna, ball must be completely be inside the post to be in play.
2. Pursuit of the ball across the court past the center line is not allowed
3. Team has 5 minute grace period before for each set before a forfeit




All games before the semi-finals will be games to 15 cap at 17. If a team wins the first 2 games the third game will not be played. Semi-finals/Finals are normal games no cap. 


Standing for Tournamnet:


1. Total win/loss record is the first thing we go by to determine a teams place.

2. If we have a tie, we go by who beat who.

3. If it's a 3-way tie or more and can't bet settled by who beat who we got by total sets won.




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