The League of Xtraordinary Coeds is a combination of Adult Sports, Parties, Vacations & Fitness. Through LXC, Louisville adults enjoy a combined sport & social outlet by playing in leagues of their choice followed by post-game happy hours at local watering holes. There are no membership fees, you only pay for the sports/activities you want to participate in. Don't have a full team? That's fine, just sign up individually or with a small group and you will be placed on a team. By registering at you are entitled to exclusive member benefits, giveaways and valuable offers from our sponsor

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'Merica Pub Crawl

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  • Sport: Event
  • Locations: Diamond Pub
  • Days of the week: Saturday
  • Started on : Started on 6/27

Pre-Game Yoga Sessions

Paul Bruner will be hosting a FREE yoga sessions every Tuesday at Cherokee Park & every Wednesday and Thursday at Seneca Park field 3 starting at 6pm!   No need to be on time just hop in whenever you get there and get a great stretch in before your game!  No mat, no experience, no problem just bring some water and a smile and you will be ready to go!

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