LXC Social Referee Job Descripion

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Social Referee Objective

To Referee through communication and info habits to create more fun for your league.  



Hours: LXC leagues are run Monday-Friday between 6-10:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays all day.  Ambassadors must have at least 2 days of availability a week.



Compensation:  $15-$23 per hour.


Location:  LXC has fields all over Louisville and try to hire Ambassadors who live in the vicinity of the location or do not mind traveling a bit.  We currenly run leagues in St. Matthews, The Highlands, Springhurst, Lyndon, Dixie, Highway, Outer Loop, Oldham County, and New Albany Indiana.


Probationary Period:  The first 30 days of employment Ambassadors will not be scheduled more than 2 shifts a week.  After 30 days there will be an evaluation to move forward.  


Key Requirements:

  • Current full time employment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Reliable Transportation
  • Be familiar with basic baseball and or football rules
  • Have at least 2 nights of availability
  • Must have smart phone or access to internet


Social Referee Responsibilities

  • Create a line of communication with teams as soon as they arrive.
  • Have field of play set up at least 10 minutes prior to game time. (Equipment Provided)
  • Teach rules of the game to all teams on week one and continue to help with rules throughout the season.
  • Constantly update all players of situation.  
  • Be presentable in ref stripes and black shorts or pants.
  • Have music playing at every game. (Speaker Provided)
  • Keep games moving quickly.
  • Move around the field to be in position to make the call.
  • Make all calls loudly and decisively.
  • Tell all players about post game happy hour and offer pitcher card.
  • Enter scores, photos, and other league material to LXCSports.com


Lastly Please watch the following video before applying:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=levibC9YuuI&t=50s



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For any questions regarding the position please email Ryan Cook at Ryan@LXCSports.com



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